The school follows NCERT (National Council of Education Research and Training) Curriculum for all classes from I to X. It is one of the best recognized curriculums in the world.

Faculty draws on the teaching manuals prepared by NCERT and other international education Boards. Teachers in their lesson plans weave not only Cognitive aspects but various facets of multiple intelligence, along with emotional, social, and thinking life skills.
01. The School - Follows Concept based teaching.
02. Adopts self-learning process using project methods and all such tools & techniques that encourage enquiry based or Constructivist approach to learning.
03. Uses smart class rooms and teaching aids extensively for letter Comprehension of the concept and Curriculum.
04. Believes firmly in formative education rather than informative over load.
05. Uses CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) with its Component of formative evaluation in letter and spirit.
06. Prepares Children for subject wise Olympiads, NEET and other exams to harness their Competitive spirit and to widen their scope of learning.
07. The school has an ENRICHMENT programme for brighter children and remedial programme for weaker children.
08. Conducts foundation Courses for classes VIII, IX & X and also specialized concurrently coaching in ISEET and NEET examinations for classes XI and XII.
09. Physical development - Games, Mass PT, YOGA and NCC.
10. Emotional & Athletic Development - House systems, Fine arts and clubs.
11. Moral & Spiritual Development - School assembly, Zero period.
12. A TEACHER'S ROLE IS PARAMOUNT - So, a separate module for the teachers - Workshops, seminars and Training programmes.
For students - Intensive Coaching program.
01. Mathematics Rapid Tests (MRT)
02. English Proficiency Tests (EPT)
03. Seminars
04. Guest Lectures
05. Class room - Debates, Elocutions, Mock-Parliaments, Group discussions, Mock-Interviews.
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